Making lives a little easier.

Your alternative to hiring live-in maids, Clean Homes (CH)provides professional housekeeping services to keep your homes clean and tidy at actually less the cost than hiring live-in maids. Our team is composed of dynamic, reliable, and trustworthy individuals professionally trained to make your home a place you want to come back to all the time.

We want to help you clean your homes.

Clean Homes' services include professional cleaning for apartments /condominiums, small offices and  houses.  Our rates are generally on a per square meter basis but general condition of the area to be cleaned is also considered as basis, as well as furniture inside. Services do not include laundry and ironing. We do not supply house maids.

Why per square meter? 

Our cleaners are instructed to clean every inch of the home or office we book in, to check every nook and corner that they are free of dirt. We bring our own supplies -- carpets are not just vacuumed but treated with natural cleaning solution to clean and sanitize, remove odors and minimize stains. Upholstery and beds are also cleaned and sanitized before sheets are changed. Moreover, furniture are also polished using quality solutions that will not damage delicate pieces of ornaments.


The bigger the floor area of the house and the more appliances, the more cleaning materials are consumed and the more cleaners are required.


Our cleaners are required to make sure owners are satisfied with their work and we ask such owners or representatives to check before our cleaners leave their premises.


The cleaners we maintain are trustworthy and value their job. They are taught to be respectable and honest anywhere they go. We reserve right to refuse services further to clients whom our cleaners find violating their rights as persons such as those who verbally abused them during a booking schedule. When our cleaners do not want to go back to such clients, we respect their decisions and we cannot force them to work against their will.

TLC. Tender Loving Care.

We take care of your furniture. We only use branded cleaning materials and safe alternatives. 

We know your time is important.

Let our cleaners do the dirty work while you do the things that you enjoy.  There are more important things in life you can do like spending quality time with the people you love or spend time with those who are important to you than cleaning your homes yourselves. Let the professionals do the work and live life to the fullest while you actually save more. Professional housekeeping services in Bonifacio Global City and Makati City.


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