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Having live-in maids in the home is a big convenience to homeowners. They do all domestic work like cleaning the house, cooking, laundry and ironing.  They feed your pets and can be around when you leave. That is, if you are lucky to find a trustworthy and reliable one.


But at this time and age finding that trustworthy and reliable maid is not so easy even if she holds an NBI clearance.  We have seen so many horror stories in television, heard them over the radio and from tales of those around. Hiring live-in maids can even more be of a hassle when you live in cities like Makati and Fort Bonifacio in Metro Manila where living spaces may be limited.


Having maids in a condominium can be space challenging. They will require a room of their own.  For privacy and hygienic reasons, they will require their own toilet and bath. Aside from their monthly salary, they will also require a separate budget for food and their presence in your homes adds up naturally, to your water and electric bills. 


There may be a lot of good maids out there and you will be lucky if you find one who is. But of course, we have to be realistic that there really is the problem of maids who are not trustworthy and home owners finding themselves in situations where they regret having a maid at all.

We have a solution if you can’t find a good maid.

There are maids who can be treasures or gems to the lucky ones -- those who find loyal, devoted and trustworthy domestic assistants. But if luck is not on your side you have an alternative to having maids to cleaning your homes, at less the expense.


We do it professionally.


Our team is composed mostly of people who actually studied and practiced the art of cleaning hotel style. Yes, they are mostly HRM (Hotel and Restaurant Management) graduates. They know the value of honesty and integrity in their work. These people know what they are doing to make your homes spotless to your satisfaction just like how a hotel should be.  We deploy at least three (3) individuals at a time (more if area is big or should you require less cleaning time) so it takes only a fraction of the time to clean your home or than when you have a maid or two.

Clean Homes

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